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We’re a conglomerate of content creators that have come together to change the world through high-quality media.

Originators Media stands for unique, out-of-the-box content, both visual, and event based, presented in a way that is captivating, awe-inspiring, and pleasing to the eyes of all walks of life. We create content that has redefined the short-form documentary world, the destination resort industry, and everything in between. We produce and staff events with a professional and forward thinking attitude, while bringing a blend of creativity, effective problem solving, and added value to the task at hand.

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Media Production
We strive to take the role of storytelling to new lengths using a human perspective from multiple angles of attention to detail and creativity which is applicable to live, event, advertisement, corporate, and long form films.
Event Services
We build our brand through diverse events featuring music, art, and unforgettable atmosphere through carefully planned logistics and an emphasis on the aspects of our events that make them truly unique experiences, big or small we stand out from the crowd.
We create an experience that lets artists be artists, leave the business to us. Our mission is to get artists to the next level, to us, this means that artists can focus on their craft, from music to visual expression while we work towards a tight knit balance that includes creative problem solving, risk management, promotion, placement, and day to day or project based management.
We Inspire others to hone their craft, whether its an event, a release, taking you art to the next level or building the next big wave through your business or collective/label we can help you effectively reach your goals with proper direction and confidence.
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We'd love to help you create experiences, produce quality work, and plan in a way that connects and elevates others.
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